Monkey & Sloth Park(Only)

 This is where the adventure starts, a well balance of animal energy. With cute slow three toed sloth to super energetic white faced capuchin monkeys, the park also have a few other residences as guinea pigs, scarlet macaws and amazon yellow neck parrots that you can interact with also. A great tour for an age or likings. If time permit you also have a complimentary option for a quick stop to a local restaurant (tab is on you) or visit The Buccaneer French Harbour beautiful swimming area or if you wish to return back to the ship. 



$35 per/adults & Kids
Package Includes:


*English speaking guide(Sea & Land)

*Transportation (Round way)

*Monkey & Sloths Park fees included



*If you wish any special amenities please request
when booking tour on the *Special Request* section.
Additional charges may be added.

*You will be back to port at least 2 Hours before
ship leaves port.

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