Night Snorkel Adventure



The Night life at the reef is and amazing experience pictures and videos can never show how amazing it is to do a night snorkel. A lot of the marine life leave there barrows and caves to come out and eat at night so the reef has a lot of activity. Most of the animals you see only come out at night not during the day time so even if you have done tons of snorkels at day chances are you haven’t seen some of these guys. We have options of shallow water reef snorkel or if the weather allows it and you have snorkel experience we can do the reef wall. And as many know Roatan is a prime location for snorkeling and diving so you can imagine the diverse marine life. 



$40 per/person(Adults)

Package Includes:

*Underwater VIDEO(Digital emailed back)

*Bottle of water

*Snorkel gear/Flashlight 1 per/person

*Swimming Jacket(If needed)

*Fresh water rinse on-board

*English speaking guide(Sea & Land)





*Snorkel experience is required

*Not for cruisers

*If you wish any special amenities please request
when booking tour on the *Special Request* section.
Additional charges may be added.

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